The Notables

The Audition

  1. In order to be considered for membership with The Notables, candidates may be asked to undergo an audition.
  2. Auditions are usually held for a show that requires casting. In that case both current Notables members and prospective cast members will be required to audition for a part in the cast.
  3. The audition may consist of the following:
    • presentation of a song
    • sight singing
    • brief interview
    • movement
  4. Bring the following to the audition:
    • Application:  [  MS Word OR PDF]
    • Prepared music (for the pianist)
    • Résumé (optional)
    • Head shot (optional)
  5. Tips for a successful audition:
    • Select a song or portion of a song that shows the best qualities of your voice and expressiveness.  Remember, the auditor may not let you sing an entire song for whatever reason, so prepare a 16 or 32 measure segment well.
    • Dress comfortably, but not shabbily or overly expressive.  Let your singing sell you.
    • Be on time and prepared.  Follow directions. Your audition starts the moment you arrive to the facility and ends the moment you leave.
    • When you get a nod from the auditor, take center stage, announce your name and the song title, then motion the pianist to begin.
    • Perform as though you're the best in the business. Who knows? You just might be!

(Proposed version--updated 2007-6-8)