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Pronunciation of Latin (Italian form)

a (ah) 

= a as in father

e (eh)  = e as in met
i (ee)  = i as in machine
o (oh)  = o as in North
u (oo)  = u as in rule
y (ee)  = i as in machine
ae = e as in met
oe = e as in met

= ow as in now

Every consonant (except h) is sounded.

The consonants b, d, f, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, and x are pronounced approximately as in English, except as noted below.

c = k before a, o, u, au, and h (k)
= ch as in cherry before e, i, ae, and oe (ch)
ch = ch as in chorus (k)
g = g as in gate before a, o, u, and au (g)
= g as in gem before e, i, and ae (j)
gn = ni as in union (ny)
h h is silent, except in two words, where it acts as if it were spelled ch, in nihil and mihi (= nichil and michi; pronounced neekeel and meekee). h also forms consonantal clusters with c, p, and t; but after c and t, h is silent.

= y as in yes (y)

ph = ph as in pheasant (f)
r r is rolled, as in Italian or Spanish (r)
sc = sk before a, o, or u, and h (sk)
= sh as in show before e, i, and ae (sh)
th = th as in Thomas (t)
ti = tsi before a and o; but not sti, tti, or xti
xc = ksh before e, i, and y

= ds


Gloria in excelsis Deo = (glo-ree-ah een ek-shel-sees deh-oh)

quia fecit mihi magna = (kwee-ah feh-cheet mee-kee ma-nya)

et ascendit in caelis = (et ah-shen-deet een cheh-lees)


Note: this pronunciation is according to the rules used by the monks of Solesme.  See this page for a fuller description.



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