The Hughes "Notables" Chorus

1995 Holiday Concerts

  1. Rejoice and Sing, Alleluia--Patrick M. Liebergen
  2. The Jesus Gift--Gilbert M. Martin [Pamela]
  3. Glory to God in the Highest--Randall Thompson
  4. No Golden Carriage, No Bright Toy--Gilbert M. Martin [Mary B]
  5. Hodie!--John Leavitt
  6. Gesł Bambino (The Infant Jesus)--Pietro A. Yon [Joe]
  7. Christmas Sleigh--Doreen Irwin
  8. *Mr Santa (based on "Mr Sandman": w.m. Pat Ballard, 1954)
  9. Three Little Carols--arr. Dale Wood
    1. How Very Still It Is Tonight
    2. A Christmas Wish
    3. Love Came Down at Christmas
  10. Joy to the World--Adaptation by Neil Diamond, David Campbell, and Walt Whitman [Gary C]
  11. With a Voice of Singing--Martin Shaw