HESEA presents

The Hughes Notables


Notable Nonsense

A funhouse full of summer shenanigans!

June 19, 20, 21, 1985

12:15 p.m.

  1. Freddie and His Fiddle (from Song of Norway; m. Edvard Grieg; arr. Clay Warnick)
  2. I Bought Me a Cat (from Old American Songs, Set I; m. Aaron Copland; arr. Irving Fine)
  3. It Was a Lover and His Lass, from Liebeslieder Polkas, S. 2/4 (w. Wm Shakespeare: As You Like It, V, iii, 17-40; m. P. D. Q. Bach; arr. Peter Schickele)
  4. Bye Bye Love (wm. F. Bryant and B. Bryant; arr. Don Besig) [John Flick, bass guitar]
  5. The Computer Song (An Automated Romance) (by Linda Williams) [Clyde: Richard Katz; Penny: Pam Henck; Sally: Georgene Pitcher; Props: Georgene Pitcher and Janine Anderson]
  6. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (from Roberta; w. Otto Harbach; m. Jerome Kern; arr. William Stickles) [special effects: Nick Hrobak]
  7. The Drunken Sailor (wm. traditional; arr. Walter Schumann, Frank Erickson)
  8. Two selections from H. M. S. Pinafore (w. William S. Gilbert; m. Arthur Sullivan) [Costumes: Joe Powe; Steve Siewertsen, et al.; Choreography: Mike DeBartolo, Randy Schwalbe, Joe Powe]
  9. Stomp Your Foot (from The Tender Land; m. Aaron Copland)
  10. At the Hop (wm. A. Singer, J. Medora, D. White; arr. Ed Lojeski; originally recorded by Danny and the Juniors) [John Flick, bass guitar; Steve Servin-Leete, trumpet; Pete Holzer, Tenor Saxophone; Choreography: Jerry Bennett, Mike DeBartolo]
  11. Tunesmith (wm. Carl Nygard, Jr)