The Notables

History of the World, Part 1.5

A Pastiche based on the Mel Brooks film

El Segundo United Methodist Church

June 14 & 15, 2013


Stone Age




Spanish Inquisition


French Revolution


Director: Paula Kelley


Jerry Bennett Moses, Judas, Inquisitor, Louis XVI
Nancy Brennan Assaulter, French maid
Sue Brennan Monk, “Seize”; French maid
Noble Ford Jesus, Inquisitor, Courtier   
Kathy Gardner Disciple #1, “Frahnce”
Jean Gasca Drunk #1, Rat vendor
Carol Gogan Onlooker #1, Apple core vendor
George Jackson Drunk #2, Torquemada
Tony McQuilkin    Gladiator, Inquisitor, Courtier, Executioner
Peter Palmer Disciple #2, Bystander #3
Donna Stogryn Mrs Moses, Madame DeFarge
Michael Thorpe Gahway, Comicus, Waiter, Maurice, Count De Monet
Lee Viale Onlooker #2, Bystander #4
Pamela Wrona  Swiftus, Bystander #2, Lounge Singer

Additional speakers

Piano: Susan Leilua

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Pictures from the show

Show Flyer

History of the World, Part 1.5

A Pastiche based on the film by Mel Brooks

Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15 8:00 p.m.

El Segundo United Methodist Church
540 Main St., El Segundo, 90245

Admission: Pay What You Will

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