The Notables

There Is Sweet Music Here

Summer Concert

June 1 & 2, 2007

El Segundo United Methodist Church--Johnson Hall


  1. Yo Vivo Cantando (I Live To Sing) (wm. Jay Althouse)
  2. There Is Sweet Music Here (2004: w. Alfred Tennyson, alt., from “Choric Song from The Lotos-Eaters; m. Mary Lynn Lightfoot)
  3. Echo (2006: w. Christina Rossetti; David C. Dickau)
  4. Get Happy (1930: w. Ted Koehler; m. Harold Arlen; arr. Mac Huff; from Nine-Fifteen Revue)
  5. The Galway Piper (wm. Irish folk song; arr. Joseph M. Martin)
  6. Someone to Watch Over Me (1926: w. Ira Gershwin; m. George Gershwin; from Oh, Kay!; arr. Jay Althouse) [Donna, Jerry]
  7. Beautiful Girls (wm. Stephen Sondheim; from Follies) [Ed, solo]
  8. Dancing Through Life (2003: wm. Stephen Schwartz; arr. Audrey Snyder; from Wicked)
  9. Love Heals (1993: wm. Jonathan Larson; arr. Mac Huff; written for Rent) [Pamela, Roy]
  10. The Song That Goes Like This (2005: w. Eric Idle; m. John Du Prez & Eric Idle; arr. Mac Huff; from Monty Python’s Spamalot)
  11. The Bending Oak (2004: wm. Mark Patterson)
  12. Grumble Too Much (wm. Jamaican Folk Song; arr. Ruth Elaine Schram) [men]
  13. Sigh No More, Ladies (w. Wm. Shakespeare, from Much Ado About Nothing, alt.; m. Linda Spevacek-Avery) [women]
  14. Jus Gimme Some Joe! (w. John Jacobson; m. John Purifoy)
  15. Good Night (1968: wm. John Lennon & Paul McCartney; arr. Audrey Snyder)
  16. Carnaval (Portugese w. Abel Silva; m. Moraes Moreira; English w. David Batteau & Mary Elker; arr. Alan Billingsley)
  17. Festival Cantate (wm. Audrey Snyder)

Deleted from this program

Excerpts from this program were presented June 19, 2006, at the Joslyn Center.

Program Notes

Words to #2, #3, and #13

The Notables